Open Call for the 7th Crystal Ruth Bell Residency - Mediated 调和

In this pandemic year, with travel on hold for everyone's safety, our residency in our departed co-founder Crystal's honor is transforming into online fellowship and distributed residency around the theme "Mediated."


  • Until we can meet again in person without endangering one another, we stay close thanks to the mediums that connect us. Video chats and voice notes allow us to meet in the middle, face to screens to face. The best dance parties in the cloud. Our revived love for phone calls and postcards is sometimes the only way to sincerely convey our condolences, our fears, our hopes. Our bottomless obsession with content, livestreams, retrospectives, and app-triggered dopamine feedback loops keep us hooked to our devices. We'll never finish scrolling but maybe some of us have time to sort through our archives, grieving those we've lost and the memories we can't recreate, at least anytime soon. Maybe we're finding solace in the group texts and mutual aid chats and the new & renewed bonds with neighbors and our current places in the world, organizing for the long-needed change we'll need to bring about to survive and thrive, together. And maybe, if our part of the world is getting back on its feet, we want to get on with all those projects we started!

  • 在我们下一次可以安全的面对面相见之前,我们通过各种媒体保持我们关系的紧密。视频聊天和语音留言让我们在时空中间相见;我们隔着屏幕面对彼此。网络云端的狂欢舞会。我们重拾的对于电话与明信片的爱有时变成了真挚表达哀悼,恐惧,希望的唯一渠道。我们无底的对于网络内容,直播,回顾,以及手机应用带来的多巴胺循环的痴迷将我们锁在手机边。我们可能永远划动不完屏幕上的内容,但是可能我们中的一部分人有时间整理旧时的档案,为暂时失去的,再也无法重演的记忆悲伤。可能我们我们在群聊,互助群体,全新的与重拾的与邻居和所处之地的纽带,组织着世界生存以及繁荣所需的改变之中,找到欣慰,共行。也有可能,如果我们所在之地逐渐恢复正常,我们可以继续疫情之前开始的项目!

    While the world is reeling from coronavirus consequences, it's all too clear that not everyone has been equally affected. Our greatest work right now is continuing to dismantle white supremacy, combating the calcification of xenophobia, racism, and all kinds bigotry, and shifting more of our resources, time, and energy into generating restorative systems. Even and especially within the creative world, it is our duty to vision, in these socially distant recovery times, how we will come together again and thrive in collaboration when we’re ready to gather safety again.


For the seventh edition of the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency, we are inviting people who work with all kinds of media to apply for a fully-funded, 6 month remote residency in 2021. We welcome your proposals of media arts and mediated projects:

for documentaries, videos, films, journalism, AR/VR/mixed reality, games, websites, interactive installations and projects connected to mainland China, Hong Kong, Chinatowns, and the greater Chinese diaspora worldwide in some way.

  • films, of any length - fiction - documentary - animation - episodic series - translation - multi-media installation - mediated performances (dance, theater, music, etc) - radio - sound art - podcasts - virtual, augmented & mixed reality - interactive anythings in the cloud

  • 在第七届Crystal Ruth Bell驻地,我们邀请所有类型的艺术家来申请这个将在2021年开始的,全面资助,时长六个月的远程驻地。我们欢迎你们的各式媒体艺术以及媒介艺术的项目投稿:

  • 与中国内地,香港,中国城,以及大中国地区的流散人民有某种联系的纪录片,视频,电影,记者,AR/VR/混合现实,游戏,网站,互动展览以及项目


The Crystal Ruth Bell Mediated Residency covers:

    ✨USD $6,673.38 stipend {as of 2018, our monthly stipend is pegged to inflation)
    ✨Up to USD $3,326.62 for production-related expenses
    ✨Access to Adobe Creative Cloud & Adobe Suite software
    ✨Remote welcome dinner and monthly optional online gatherings
    ✨Optional artist talk, workshop & open studio
    ✨Project support from the China Residencies team

  • The Crystal Ruth Bell 调和主流项目包括::

        ✨美元 $6,673.38 补贴 {直到2018年,我们的月度补贴已根据通货膨胀调整)

        ✨多至美元 $3326.62 的创作基金

        ✨免费使用 Adobe Creative Cloud & Adobe Suite software




  • We are calling for individuals and collectives working in all types of creative practices, of all passports, ages, gender-identities, backgrounds, abilities, and interests to send us proposals. Individuals and duos from all nationalities are encouraged to apply, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. This is a wide open call, with no restrictions based on age, medium, educational background, or any other criteria. 

  • 我们正在召集各种个人以及集体,不管持有什么护照,年龄,性别,背景,身体能力,以及兴趣,来发给我们项目计划。我们鼓励各种国籍的个人以及双人团体来申请,包括中国,香港,台湾以及澳门。这是一个开放性的邀请,没有任何年龄,艺术媒介,教育背景等的限制。

  • We want to support as many projects as possible, and we know that media projects are labor intensive and expensive. While we are still raising funds that will determine how many people we can support, each selected project(s) will receive a total USD $10,000. The residency dates will be flexible and take place between March 2021 and December 2021, with manyopportunities for project feedback and visits with illustrious guests, in-depth workshops on budgeting & fundraising, mentorship and introductions, and help visioning paths completion and new ways to share your project with the world.

  • 我们希望可以支持能力范围内最多的项目。我们知道媒体工作非常费时费力。现在我们还在为项目筹款的过程中,我们还未决定有多少项目可以得到资助,但是我们可以确认每个项目将收到一共一万美元的资助。驻地项目的日期非常灵活,范围在2021年3月至2021年12月。在这段时间里,艺术家们会有很多机会得到项目的反馈,接受来自杰出客人的拜访,参加关于理财以及筹款的深度作坊,找到导师并建立新的关系,并且构想完成项目后分享给世界的方式。

  • We are looking to support your projects of all kinds:
    ➕ Especially if this project relates to mainland China, Hong Kong, and the greater Chinese & Asian diasporas worldwide
  • ➕ Especially if this is your first or second project.
    ➕ Especially if you started before the Covid-19 pandemic and experienced serious disruption this year
    ➕ Especially if this project started during the pandemic and needs to continue in 2021, but you're not sure how
    ➕ Especially if you are in an area deeply affected by the coronavirus
    ➕ Especially if your community is bearing the quintuple brunt of the pandemic because of long standing oppression
    ➕ Especially if you’ve been protesting and advocating for and supporting the movements for all Black lives
    ➕ Especially if you've been furloughed, fired, or lost your sources of livelihood, especially if you're still waiting on benefits that may or may not arrive, or if where you live has no support for you and your work
    ➕Especially if you've lost folks you love, especially if you're caring for folks, especially if you need care.

  •              我们将支持各类项目:
    ➕ 尤其是与中国内地,香港,以及中国与亚洲的流散人群相关的项目

  • ➕ 尤其如果这是你的第一个或者第二个艺术项目

  • ➕ 尤其如果你的项目在疫情之前开始,却被疫情严重打乱

  • ➕ 尤其如果你的项目在疫情前开始,项目需要在2021年继续,但是你不确定如何继续。
    ➕ 尤其如果你身处被疫情影响广深的地区

  • ➕ 尤其如果你的社群因为长久以来的压迫,受到更多疫情的创伤

➕ 尤其如果你为所有黑人的生命抗议以及支持为黑人争夺更多权力
➕ 尤其如果你的工作被暂停,你被解雇,或者失去你的生活来源。尤其如果你现在还在等待不确定会不会收到的补贴,或者你所处之地没有对于你或你的工作的补助。

  • These times are not as unprecedented as many claim -- there have been pandemics before (we wrote an emergency plan five years ago, in case SARS ever came back.) There have been countless rebellions seeking the end of oppression and justice worldwide. And we've done residencies for collectives, digital residencies, remote workshops and most of this in some way or another in the past. What we regret is our nations’ and industries’ limited collective capacity to learn from each other, adapt, and prevent repeating prior mistakes, and hope to create a space where we can figure out what to do next together.

  • We can't wait for the current institutions to change, but we can come up with ways to be there for each other.

我们所处的时代并不是像很多人所说的史无前例-- 疫情在此之前发生过(我们在五年前写过一篇紧急计划,以防万一非典卷土重来)。史上全球有无数为了停止压迫,寻求正义的反抗。我们曾举办过针对于集体,数字化,远程作坊的驻地以及大多数我们现在远程做的项目。我们的遗憾是我们的国家以及行业只有有限的共同学习,改变能力来避免重复以前犯过的错误。我们希望能够共同建立一个空间,让我们能够共同思考如何下一步的方向。

  • 我们无比期待现在的体系改变,但在此同时我们可以找到方法支持彼此。

 。             。
 APPLY 申请 
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Deadline Extended: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

midnight in your timezone, wherever you are



  • Can I submit two or more projects?

    • You can let us know about as many projects as you want, you only need to submit one application for all projects. We know artists often work on several things at once, this six month residency will support you across all of them.

  • Do I or does my project need to be in, from or about China and the greater Chinese diaspora?

    • Not necessarily, we are open to all ideas and people of absolutely all backgrounds and geographies. You can take a look at the past Crystal Residency finalists and projects to get a sense of the range of topics. When the residency physically took place in China, it made sense to prioritize projects that could only happen there, while this year we can be more expansive.

  • Is it better to submit a project that is closer to done or just starting?

    • Projects at any stage work, just don’t come up with a brand new project just for this.

  • Does my work count as Media Arts? 

    • As long as your art can be displayed digitally then, yes, we will consider it as media arts. We are interested in many different approaches and interpretations of the term! 

  • What sorts of projects have China Residencies supported in the past? 

    • Click here to read about our alumni!

      • How many residents will be chosen?
      •         Our residency is best suited for 1 individual, duo or collective. We only are able to disburse $10k USD per project so the money would have to be split among all residents if there is more than one.

      • Is the residency remote? Can I be anywhere?
        • Yes! 100%. As long as you have an internet connection, you can be absolutely anywhere in the world.

        • What is the deadline?

          • The deadline is extended to Tuesday February 23rd, midnight in your timezone. We extended it past the original February 9th deadline because dozens of people requested more time, and