About China Residencies

China Residencies' non-for-profit mission is to:
~ Map, research, and create a free online directory of opportunities in mainland China & Hong Kong for creative people from all over the world.
~ Fund excellent creative people and projects through residency programs and nurture the next generation of organizers and administrators through fiscal sponsorship.
~ Support and advise existing and envisioned residency programs across the region to foster sustainable creative exchange.

We believe diplomacy shouldn’t just be left up to politicians. Artists are cultural and social changemakers, and, in a world where people sometimes forget to listen to and learn from one another, we are passionate about creating opportunities for artists to bring a broader cultural understanding into their work and communities.

  • 1. What’s a residency?
    It’s a place (in real life or on the internet) that provides people with time & space to work on creative ideas & things.

  • 2. How do you decide which residencies to list?
    We strive to interview a staff member and at least one artist who’s participated in the program, and visit each residency in person during to make sure it’s "real" and worth considering.

  • 3. What if you can't tell if it's real?
    If we still can’t gather enough information to figure out if a residency is running, we’ll hold off on approving it and won’t post it online until we can find out for sure. If we can confirm a residency is closed, we'll move it to the archive.

  • 4. Why China?
    Our founders, Crystal Ruth Bell & Kira Simon-Kennedy, met while working at Red Gate in Beijing in 2009. Crystal started meeting with fellow residency directors and decided to create this website.

  • 5. Who’s behind all this?
    Crystal and Kira officially set up this nonprofit in 2013, shortly after Crystal was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They ran it together until she passed away on August 10, 2014.

  • 6. I'm sorry. Cancer sucks.
    Yup, it does. Kira continues to helm the organisation with the support of many wonderful people who serve on our board of directors, take part in our summer internship program, freelance to conduct, transcribe and translate dozens of interviews, and volunteer to help out in countless other ways.

  • 7. Where’s your office?
    It's the cloud! We don’t have a fixed office, so we work from wherever we are in the world that has decent Internet access (and good VPNs to keep up with our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!)

  • 8. Are you hiring?
    Nope, but we always offer have paid summer internships. Right now, Kira and our board members all volunteer their time and skills to run China Residencies without compensation, and we direct 100% of the grants and donations received to maintain China Residencies’ website, conduct research, and fund residencies for artists.

  • 9. Where's the money from?
    From nice people like you! We’re a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit in the USA, which means we can receive tax-deductible donations. We throw a dumpling art party to fundraise each February, and also receive grants to create specific programs.

  • 10. What's fiscal sponsorship?
    We support other like-minded organizations by providing all the resources we have to share, including fiscal sponsorship, mentorship, fundraising advice, and project support. Right now, we support The W.O.W Project, BUFU & Yellow Jackets Collective. They are absolutely great, we highly encourage you support them too!

  • 11. Can you help me start and run a residency?
    Yes! We also give talks, workshops, and consult on all kinds of things related to starting and running residencies like figuring out budgets, recruiting and training staff. We can also help with translation, photography, web and graphic design, and lots of other things.

  • 12. What’s the Crystal Ruth Bell Residency?
    Each year, we pick a theme or an idea that Crystal would have liked, and send exceptional individuals and collectives to take part in a residency at Red Gate in her honor. So far, recipients include Jagrut Raval, Ming Lin & Alexandra Tatarsky, Ou Chiacheng & Zhao Wanqing, Raya Rayax & Rosie Elsior (Blood Becomes Water), Elyla Singuervenza, and LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs.

  • 12. What’s the Two To Three 二到三 residency?
    The Copyright Cultural Fund provided funding for two to three for artists from or based in Australia to return to 2nd and 3rd tier cities across China to continue a project or start a new one. Recipients include Astra Howard, Ian Bonner, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Joshua Hoare & Alicia King, and Louise Zhang & Natalie Abbott.

  • 13. What other fully-funded residencies can I apply to?
    We co-organize the 夜生活 Nightlife Residency with I: project space and The Neighborhood, collaborated with Found Sound, and also post lots of other opportunities, open calls and deadlines for residencies, jobs, and conferences in our News section & on social media. Not all residencies are fully-funded, but here's some tips on finding additional funding.

  • 14. What if I don’t want to go to China?
    That’s cool too! Staying home and working within one’s community is just as important as looking outward, and travelling anywhere is a great way to learn about the world. Check out our friends in Taiwan, Air-J [Japan], Art Motile [Spain], NACMM [North Africa], and at the Alliance of Artists Communities, Mapping Residencies, Rate My Artist Residency, Res Artis, Residency Unlimited & Transartists for residencies elsewhere.

Contact us at nihao@chinaresidencies.com with any more questions!