Situated in Chengdu, Sichuan, NY20+ is an art promotion organization supported by Nongyuan Culture, in committed to international art and culture exchanges and overseas projects.Nongyuan Culture has three themed art Zones covering about 141,000 square meters in total. NY20+ conducts international Artist Residency Program, exhibition planning, school-enterprise cooperation, non-for-profit art platform and other programs, and aims at strengthening interaction and cooperation among art institutions and colleges, artists, designers, art teachers and students, as well as art lovers from different countries and regions, so as to promote the dissemination, collision and development of various cultures, and realize the virtuous circle of an international art and culture ecology.
NY20+ 位于四川成都,是浓园文化旗下的专业艺术推广机构,致力于国际文化艺术交流和海外事务拓展。浓园文化拥有三个主题艺术园区,总面积达141,000平方米。NY20+主要在浓园A区和B区开展项目,旨在通过国际驻留项目、展览策划、校企合作、公益文化推广等等项目,以推动不同国家、地区间的文化艺术个体与群体之间的互动与合作,促进不同文化的传播、碰撞与发展,实现跨国艺术生态的良性循环和艺术文化生物链的良性发展。


Open to artists, designers, art students or groups, art lovers or craftsman from
various disciplines all over the world.

For"Sculpt Tale"sculpture and installation project
Open call for sculpture and installation artists

For Rubiks cube project
Open call for street art and graffitie artists

HER festival
Open call for women artists

Applicants will have chances to participate in annual group exhibition,
salons, lectures, seminars, and other related exchanges according to the
artworks’ disciplines and styles.

1. “塑说”雕塑与装置艺术项目


3. 女性艺术节

4. 成都创意设计周


1)最新个人简历和联系方式,文件命名:例如 XX的简历
4)国际艺术驻留项目申请表 <br>请在官网下载申请表并填写。填写内容须为中英文。网址:www.ny20plus.com

How to apply

Applicants should provide:
1) Latest CV and personal contact information
Files should be titled as: Smith John’s resume
2) Collections of representative works’ images (10 max) with introductions
(500 words max.):
a. Displaying applicants’ artistic features, personal styles and thoughts.
b. Documents must be sent in JPG, MP3, MP4 or Word format.
c. Images files should be titled as:
Name of the artist and the work, category/ material, size, and creation
Example: John, SNOW, painting, 60x60, 2018
d. Image resolution:2MB (min.)
3) Project plan
It refers to applicants’ creation plan which should be made by applicants
first, containing overall arrangements and requirements such as time and
space during the residency. Applicants can make specific changes in their
plans to fit in NY20+’s projects and make proposals about display,
exhibitions, salons, lectures or exchanges. Then after confirming the final
plan, NY20+ and applicants will negotiate for extra arrangements.
4) The Residency Application Form
Please E-mail NY20+ or website <br>www.ny20plus.com
then fill out it and send back to the official e-mailbox.
5) All documentations must be in English.
Upon preparation, please send documents above to the official e-mailbox at: <br>ny20@cdnongyuan.com with the subject as application for NY20+ International
Artist Residency Program


1) 驻留工作室:
a) 个人或共享工作室,配备基本创作材料;
b) 开放或半开放工作室;
c) 其他创作材料应根据申请者驻留计划在既定预算内采购。
2) 食宿安排:
a) 单人间或多人间,家具设备齐全;
b) 驻留园区内三餐按时提供,其他用餐要求需提前协商;
c) NY20+只负责驻留园区内的食宿;


Support from NY20+
1) Studio/ workspace
Private or shared studios/workspaces are provided with basic art materials
and other materials can be financed according to applicant’s project within a
limited budget.
2) Accommodation
a. Private or shared bedrooms are furnished and equipped.
b. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at a regular time in residence.
Any special requirements should be negotiated in advance.
c. NY20+ is only responsible for the accommodation within the residence.
3) Technical assistance
If any kind of technical assistance is needed according to the artist residency
project, applicant can negotiate with NY20+ in advance.
4) Exhibition and promotion
a. NY20+ will build web-pages in both Chinese and English for
applicant’s promotion in China.
b. NY20+ has the right to use applicants’ portfolio (including applicants’
portraits and CVs, artworks, audios, videos, images, texts and etc.) for
related online and off-line promotion activities.
c. Applicants will have opportunities to open workshops according to the
residency plan.
d. Applicants will have chances to participate in annual group exhibition,
salons, lectures, seminars, and other related exchanges according to the
artworks’ disciplines and styles.

Art center is about 20 minuites by foot to the metro station, it's in the city of Chengdu.



The residency is free
NY20+ pay for the accommondation and meals in the residency, also the cost of the production of the artworks, and artists pay for the transportation for go and leave the residency.


官网: www.ny20plus.com