NY20+ is a cultural hub in Chengdu that has been running an artist residency since 2008. While at the time of publishing (May 2020), the residency can't host artists due to the safety measures in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, NY20+ are hoping to hosts artists who are already in mainland China, once domestic travel restrictions are lifted.


China Residencies: Hello! To start off, can you give us an introduction to NY20+? When did the first projects start? 

NY20+: We are located in Chengdu, Sichuan. NY20+ is an arts organization supported by Nongyuan Culture, which was established in 2005 to promote international arts and culture exchanges. Nongyuan Culture is made up of three areas covering about 141,000 square meters {nearly 35 acres} in total. NY20+ hosts an international artist residency program, as well as exhibitions, and aims to strengthen interaction and cooperation among art institutions and colleges, artists, designers, art teachers and students, as well as art lovers from different countries and regions. We want to promote the dissemination, collision and development of different cultures to bring about a virtuous circle of international arts exchange, and create a vibrant cultural ecology.

The artist residency program launched in 2008, is steeped in Chengdu's culture and Bashu culture {of Sichuan province} for resident artists to research, experiment, create, and show their work. We are committed to making a diverse, interactive, creative and continual international artist in residence program. The artist residency is in coversation with Nongyuan's sculpture park, nature park, and over 200 Chengdu-based artists who have their studios there.

CR: How many artists has the residency hosted so far?

NY20+: Between 2008 to 2019, NY20+  has hosted around 312 artists.

CR: What kind of projects have artists done during their residencies?

NY20+: For us, artists are free to create whatever they want during their stay. The only exception is for some of our themed residences. "Sculpt Tale" is for sculptures or installations, and for the "Rubik's Cube" project in 2019, we welcomed four groups of artists who came from France: 59 Rivoli, Tito & Mulk, Vic Oh, Eduardo Fonseca, Mathilde Guegan.

One example of a project is Brazilian artist Eduardo Fonseca's EYE series of works, which began in 2015 in the United States, then Portugal and France. Here, he was inspired by the porcelain he saw on shelves after visiting many places in Chengdu, using vases as a way to portray eyes he photographed in Chengdu.

 Artist / 艺术家Eduardo Fonseca

CR: What kinds of artists are you looking to host?

NY20+: NY20+ AIR is open to artists, art amateurs, designers, art students or groups, art lovers or craftsman from various disciplines all over the world. There are no specific restrictions on disciplines and experience, and for us, the residency plan submitted is more important than the previous experience of the artist.

CR: When is the ideal time to come to Chengdu? And what is the shortest and longest stays you host?

NY20+: The ideal residence duration is about one month. Depending on the residency plan, the planned works or projects, the duration can be shortened or extended. 

CR: What does the place of residence provide? What should the artist arrange for themselves?

NY20+:NY20+ provides accommodation, all meals, and private or shared studio/ workspace with basic art materials and other materials can be financed according to the artist’s project within a limited budget. We also offer technical assistance and invite the artists to take part in group exhibitions and helps promote their work in Chinese & English. Artists also have the opportunity to host workshops, lectures, seminars and other related exchanges according to the artworks’ style.

Artists cover their cost of travel and transportation to and from the residency, as well as  any personal expenses incurred during the residency, including medical expenses.

《不同世界的碰撞》Astral High Five 

 Artists / 艺术家 :Tito/Mulk & Vic Oh

《丛林野兽》Beast in the Forest
 Artist / 艺术家 Mathilde Guegan

CR: Do the artists leave work once the residency is done? What are some of the must do’s for the artists as part of the residency agreement?

NY20+: With the artist’ consent, a piece of work created before or during the residency will be donated to NY20+ Artist Residency Program after selection and negotiation between both parties. The selection criteria is based on the residency duration, residency plan, and so on. NY20+ will offer artists the Certificate of Collection when received the donation and exhibited the donated artwork on occasions after the residency. All other artworks created during the residency are owned by artists themselves.

CR: How do you make sure your open call and the residency program can reach local and international artists?

NY20+: Our aim is to maximize the freedom of the artist's creation, to provide help for the artist but not interfere with the artist's creative autonomy. NY20+ will help artists to understand local culture, and broaden the network of artistic horizons through extensive interactions and in-depth exchanges with the diverse local art community, triggering a deeper level of creative inspiration and artistic practical experience.

The park where NY20 + is located has traditional Chinese characteristics, and the food and accommodation are also very Sichuan-like. There are gardens, lawns, tea houses, convenience stores, restaurants and other park facilities. We aim to provide more publicity support for resident artists, including WeChat, Weibo, Instagram, website and other media. And in addition to daily creative support, NY20 + recommends or organizes activities for artists based on their practice. For example, we recommend professors host lectures or workshops at some of the 15 art universities and colleges we work wit in Sichuan. We recommend designers for events like Chengdu Creative Design Week, held at NY 20+’s 1,000 square meters exhibition space every year. We have also offered children's art classes, and hosted art festivals (such as the International Woman Art Festival, UPON performance art festival.)

CR: How big is the team at NY20+?

NY20+: In total, NY (Nongyuan) has over 100 employees and there are about 10 who specialize in NY20+‘s daily operation.

NY20+ surroundings. NY20+ 周围。

CR: How do you promote your residency to attract local and international artist applications?

NY20+: We publish our open calls on international artist-in-residence (AIR) platforms, cooperate with other AIR and art institutions or organizations in the world, and promote through our own network and by word-of-mouth.

Since its founding, NY20+ has taken part in international exhibitions, academic seminars, workshops, salons, etc. in more than 40 countries and regions, we hope to let more artists and art institutions to know about us.

CR: Thank you for this interview, and thanks for taking your time to introduce your projects! We wish you good luck for the future residency programs. 


NY20+: NY20+ 位于四川成都,是浓园文化旗下的专业艺术推广机构,致力于国际文化艺术交流和海外事务拓展。浓园文化拥有三个主题艺术园区,总面积达141,000平方米。NY20+主要在浓园A区和B区开展项目,旨在通过国际驻留项目、展览策划、校企合作、公益文化推广等等项目,以推动不同国家、地区间的文化艺术个体与群体之间的互动与合作,促进不同文化的传播、碰撞与发展,实现跨国艺术生态的良性循环。



NY20+: 从2008至2019,共计约312个国内外艺术家。


NY20+: 艺术家在驻留期间的最大原则是原创艺术自由创作,鼓励艺术家去了解本土文化进行在地性艺术实验与创作,此外项目组每年或推出不同主题的项目驻留:如“魔方计划”(主要是街头艺术和彩绘)、“塑说”(雕塑与装置项目)。

 关于“魔方”计划,2019年我们迎接了4位从法国59 Rivoli的前来驻留的艺术家,Tito/Mulk 、Vic Oh、Eduardo Fonseca、Mathilde Guegan,他们各自为魔方计划创作了各自的作品。巴西艺术家Eduardo Fonseca的作品《眼睛》延续了他2015年开始的眼睛系列,在美国、葡萄牙、法国完成后,在中国四川他根据四处采风后看到的、他认为很具中国代表的架子和瓷器作为载体去刻画每个他在成都拍到的眼睛。


NY20+: 驻留项目为世界各类别艺术家、艺术爱好者、高校就读艺术学生或艺术群体、手工艺人、设计师、设计团队等提供申请机会。艺术类别和经验不限,更注重看艺术家的提交驻留方案。


NY20+: 最理想的驻留时间是一个月左右,根据驻留方案、作品或是项目情况,可以缩短或延长驻留时间。

中国艺术交流:您提供什么? 艺术家为自己需要安排什么?

NY20+: NY20+提供:

1) 驻留工作室: 

a) 个人或共享工作室,配备创作材料;

b) 开放或半开放工作室;


2) 食宿安排:

a) 单人间或多人间,家具设备齐全;

b) 驻留园区内三餐按时提供,其他用餐要求需提前协商;

c) NY20+只负责驻留园区内的食宿。 

3) 技术支持: 根据艺术家驻留项目计划,可与NY20+提前商议相关艺术性技术支持。

4) 艺术展览和推广支持:

a) 为驻留艺术家创建中英文网页,在中国进行活动推广;

b) NY20+有权使用驻留艺术家个人资料(包括个人照片、个人简历等)和艺术家作品资料(包括音频、视频、图像和文字资料)进行相关媒体活动。 

c) 根据驻留项目计划为驻留艺术家提供建立工作室的机会。 

d) 根据艺术品类别为驻留艺术家提供年度展览、艺术交流、沙龙讲座或相关艺术交流活动的机会。


NY20+ accommodation. NY20+ 住所

中国艺术交流:艺术家在它们驻留后留下一件作品吗? 作为居住协议的一部分,艺术家还有什么必须做的事情?

NY20+: 作品回馈:根据艺术家驻留时间、驻留项目计划、创作方式、作品类型及创作精细程度,经艺术家同意,NY20+与艺术家一起经协商挑选驻留前或驻留期间的创作作品回馈给NY20+驻留项目;






NY20+: 最大限度地保证艺术家创作的自由度、为艺术家提供各项帮助但不介入到艺术家的创作自主性上。

NY20+坚持原创艺术、给艺术家充分的创作自由,让他们带着创作融入浓园的艺术乌托邦, 达成自身的创作与艺术诉求。帮助艺术家了解在地文化,艺术家可以透过与多元化的本土艺术社群的广泛互动以及深入交流,拓宽艺术视野的网络,触发更深层次的创作灵感以及艺术实践经验。




Museum and art exhibition hall. 美术馆 以及展览厅

Tea salon. 茶馆 

中国艺术交流:有多少人在NY20+ 工作?

NY20+: NY20+是浓园文化旗下的专业国际艺术推广机构,驻留地点与NY20+的办公室都在浓园内。浓园有100多名员工,专门负责NY20+的日常工作开展的有10位左右员工。当我们举办相关艺术活动时,浓园相关部门员工也都会一起协助工作的开展。


NY20+: 我们在国际驻留平台发布招募信息,也与国际上其他驻留机构、艺术机构等合作,通过自己的媒体推广和合作艺术家的宣传推广。自成立以来,NY20+脚步遍及了欧洲、非洲、大洋洲、亚洲等各大洲共40余个国家和地区,开展了国际展览、学术讨论、工作坊、沙龙、座谈会等系列活动,努力推广NY20+,希望让更多的艺术家以及艺术机构等认识我们。 


NY20+: 我们每年组织很多展览,在园区里面的美术馆与展览厅里面办展,同时我们也在其他地方展示艺术家的作品,我们会带着艺术家的作品去别的地区、国家以及其他艺术合作机构去进行展示;同时,我们也能为艺术家开展工作坊或是论坛,让艺术家向公众分享他们的作品;也会根据艺术家提供与商协会、政府公共平台的合作机会;我们也带艺术家去艺术类院校、文创艺术机构进行讲座、分享会、沙龙、工作坊等活动。


NY20+: 可以的!

中国艺术交流:谢谢您抽出时间介绍您的项目! 我们希望您以后的项目计划有好运。

This interview was conducted in Chinese and English by Xiaoyao Xu for China Residencies in May 2020.