Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, the first art space in China dedicated solely to photography and new media, aspires to be the country’s most professional and robust venue for contemporary pho-tography.

In order to further expand the Chinese photography community and strengthen our ties with institutions around the world, both Beijing and Xiamen location of Three Shadows offer an Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR).

Eligible Applicants

Although the AIR program is primarily tailored to photographers, Three Shadows Xiamen also gladly accepts artists working in other media, researchers and curators interested in living and working in China.

Application Process

You can apply through the website or send an application email to


Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre is situated in Xiamen’s Xinglin Wan, Jimei new city, with delightfully beautiful scenery; adjacent to Jimei college town, it has a rich literati foundation. The Centre will carry on Three Shadows’ objectives and philosophy, introducing advanced operational con-cepts from international art spaces and adhering to the pursuit of artistic values.

Xiamen is an international trade port city, and the construction of its special economic zone has only served to in crease the level of internationalism here. Borrowing from Xiamen’s strategic advantage as a Special Economic Zone and Free Trade Zone, it integrates the region’s artistic resources to promote international photography art exchange, cross-straits photography art exchange, and the spread of Three Shadows’ contemporary photography culture. By hosting high-quality contemporary photography exhibitions domestically and internationally, educational programming, and activities like the Jimei×Arles International Photography Exhibition, it will become a leading force in the development of contemporary photographic art in southern China.

The Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre consists of:
- The main exhibition hall of over 3600 m2, which hosts exhibitions from China and abroad.
- A state-of-the-art professional publishing house exclusively dedicated to the production of collectible, limited edition, and popular photography books.
- A multi-purpose room for lectures, seminars, and presentations.
- A commercial gallery.
- A full-service café.
- A bookstore.
- A darkroom.
- A library free for the public, with thousands of professional photography books and magazines.
- A digital output department, used for image production.

Residence is available all year except the Spring Festival.

Program Fees

We have four rooms in total and each costs 250RMB per day, including living space, workspace, project assistance and event support.

Additional Information

Major events: Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival
Time: November to January