China Residencies and Red Gate Residency are excited to announce the 12 shortlisted collaborations & collectives for the 2nd Crystal Ruth Bell Residency. This year, we called out for Duos, Trios, and Collectives working in any creative medium from all around the world, and are pleased to announce the chosen finalists out of the nearly 100 project proposals we received.

  • AI+PS
  • 歐家成 Ou Chiacheng & 趙宛青 Zhao Wangqing (Taiwan/China/UK)
  • project: extra tissue "Made in Taiwan"
  • photography, graphic design & handmade books

Zhao Wangqing "Extra tissue vol.1 Poetry" 2014

Zhao Wangqing & Ou Chiacheng "有效期限 Expiration" 2013

Ou Chiacheng "家族遺產 Family Legacy" 2015

  • ADL [Association for Dematerializing Landscapes]
  • Ash Moniz (Canada/China/Morocco), Rouzbeh Akhbari (Iran/Canada), and Felix Kalmenson (Russia/Canada)
  • project: Tides of Sand and Steel
  • performance, sound, video, sculpture, installation

ADL "Order and Progress: Burden" 2014

ADL "Order and Progress: Unburden"  2014

  • Blood Becomes Water
  • Rosie Eisor & Raya Rayax (Bulgaria)
  • project: Tetraphobia
  • zine, design, publishing

BBW #10 Kukeri

BBW #10 Kukeri

  • Bou y Albaredaq
  • Irene Bou & Anna Albaredaq (Venezuela/Spain)
  • project: Micro-tales
  • visual arts, writing, art criticism

展銷場 Display Distribute"Strategic Alterations" 2014

  • Sáenz-Barahona
  • Guillermo Sáenz & Fredman Barahona
  • project: Wet Letters
  • research, performance, audio, video, installation

Fredman Barahona "Sólo fantasía" 2014

Fredman Barahona & Christian Lord "(Ban)deras" 2014

Sabina Vajraca - directing reel

  • El and Mo
  • Murray O'Grady & Ella Lucas
  • project: The Romance of Contraband
  • sculpture, print, interactive app

Ella Lucas "Carnival Glass_Please" 2015

Murray O'Grady "Jobber with Avatar (Push)

Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak "Activists" mobile robots 2011

Rabbya Naseer & Hurmat ul Ain "Dropping Tears Together II" 2009

Rabbya Naseer & Hurmat ul Ain "Azaan" video still, 2012

  • La Silla Danza
  • Dania Barragán, Melissa Sánchez, Mariana Paredes, Maribel Durazo (Mexico)

  • project: Luchadoras
  • dance, choreography

La Silla Danza "Hollki" 2014

Yu Shuk Pui 余淑培 "OBSERVE: The Woman 觀察: 女人" 2014