The A4 Art Museum in Chengdu is calling for artists, curators, and researchers from China and abroad, to apply for a one to three months residency at the A4 Art Museum between April and October 2019.

Eligible applicants: Contemporary artists and collectives, curators and researchers  from China and abroad with over 3 years of experience in art-making or curation who have innovative, groundbreaking practices in their fields are encouraged to apply. All artistic medium are welcome, with a special emphasis on public art, such as land art, outdoor sculptures, installations, community-based art.

Applicants will be evaluated based on excellence in artistic expression and creativity, as well as an understanding and some prior research into the urban environment and people in Chengdu. A4 will also take into account previous achievements and proposed projects' ability to engage dynamically with the local community.

Deadline: February 25, 2019.

A4 Art Museum will provide 4 to 6 individual artists, curators, researchers or collectives (up to a total of 12 people) with:

  1. - round-trip plane tickets
  2. - accommodations and studio space
  3. - material fees up to 10,000 rmb, with possible additional budget for public art installations & projects
  4. - opportunities for public talks & exhibition
  5. - a bilingual project assistant
  6. - support from the museum staff

Residents will be required to:

  1. - attend regular meetings and discuss the process and implementation of project with museum's staff  
  2. - regularly provide images and materials to Luxelakes · A4 Art Museum for media releases
  3. - hold open studios, workshops, discussions, salons, or other educational exchange activities, as well as a final exhibition.
  4. - donate a work created during the residence, with the artist's consent, to A4 Art Museum
  5. - cover the cost to transport work back after the residency
  6. - cover their own living expenses, visa fees, personal expenses, and travel insurance during the residency period.
  7. - reach out to the embassy, consulate, or cultural council of their home country for possible financial and media support.  

About the A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program:

Since the project was formally initiated in April 2013, A4’s artist in residence international exchange program has given many artists, curators, and designers from China and abroad the opportunity to exchange and interact with one another. It has also encouraged innovative artists and artist groups with contributions to public knowledge to carry out participatory projects that intervene in the community or city. The international residency’s locally-based production, exchange, and exhibitions strengthen cultural exchange and academic dialogue between the institution and its surroundings. Based in the local community, Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum not only provides exemplary academic support, it also coordinates events and discussions during the duration of the residency, making it possible for participants to expand, diversify, and deepen their artistic practices.

To learn more about the A4 Art Museum Residency, read our interview with director Cai Liyuan. For any questions about the Artist in Residence International Exchange Program, please contact us over email at or call +86 28 85761265.

To apply, fill out the form below before February 25 2019: