Rate My Artist Residency is a new website created by artist Katrina Neumann to allow artists to leave direct feedback about artist residencies they attend. Spurred by an experience at a residency that didn't quite align with her expectations, Katrina committed herself to increasing transparency by building a public forum for artists to share their experiences. It's about "artists helping artists" as Katrina spells out in RMAR's mission statement

Using simple forms, artists can declare "I had the time of my life, everyone apply now!" or, inversely, "Please, give me my money and time back." The site also acknowledges that some residencies just need a little more time to incorporate feedback, learn, and grow. In which case, artists can opt for "They can improve, I recommend applying in two years." Artists can also leave comments if they wish to share more about their time.

RMAR is an equally fantastic resource for artists interested in learning more about residencies in general. In the "Tips" section, RMAR links to books, articles, and lectures, as well as grant opportunities. 

For the month of October, RMAR will be listing a residency in China every day. We look forward to hearing from you!