We're extremely proud to support BUFU, who are part of China Residencies' Fiscal Sponsorship Program, as they travel between Beijing, Lijiang, Guangzhou and Chengdu. 

BUFU in Beijing (from left to right: Tsige Tafesse, Sonia Choi & Jazmin Jones - not pictured: Katherine Tom)

"BUFU is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships. We, the founders of this project, are a collective of queer, femme, non-binary, Black & East-Asian artists and organizers. Our goal is to facilitate a global discourse on the cultural contact between Black & Asian diasporas, with an emphasis on building solidarity, de-centering whiteness, and resurfacing our deeply interconnected and complicated histories. We attempt to achieve this through our collaborative programming, our visual archives, and through building long-term partnerships with collectives, organizations, and individuals."

Over the past two years, BUFU filmed in Japan, South Korea, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and cities all over the USA to create an interactive multimedia documentary living archive.

"This living archive grows through nurturing our relationships and archiving our truths, as Black & Asian folks are all a part of this conversation, this story in the making."

During their residency, Sonia Choi, Jazmin Jones, Tsige Tafesse & Katherine Tom will share excerpts and experiments from their time at Q Space in Beijing, at Lijiang Studio in Yunnan, where they've been on weeklong residencies since September 27, and on the trains and roads on their way to Sichuan and the Pearl River Delta.

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to support the production of the BUFU archive!

(as of October 6th, they are halfway to their goal -- help them raise the remaining $1,500 if you can!)