PLAN8T Artist / Architect In Residence (P8AIR) is a cross-disciplinary and cross-media exchange platform, aims to engage conversation in symbiosis of industrial technology, nature and society with innovative and experimental mindsets. We encourage artists and architects to challenge their own work and practices in connection to the surroundings and responsible technology to prototype model, inspiration and presentation for future sustainable living. PLAN8T AIR program is located in Changsha, Hunan, China. PLAN8T (P8) is a vertical community focuses on innovation and sustainability. The community is situated inside Broadtown, a 1 square meter technology park and over 70% preserved wetland contains buzzing industrial factory, organic farm and a pyramid exhibition center.

PLAN8T AIR 艺术家/建筑师 驻留计划(P8 AIR)是一个跨学科和跨媒体的交流平台,旨在通过创新和实验思维方式在工业技术,自然和社会的共生中进行对话。我们鼓励艺术家和建筑师挑战他们自己的工作和实践,与周围环境和负责任的技术相结合,为未来的可持续生活提供原型模型,灵感和展示。 PLAN8T 是一个专注于创新和可持续发展的垂直社区,位于中国湖南省长沙市远大城, 一个1平方公里的科技园区,70%以上保存的湿地包含热闹的工业工厂,有机农场和金字塔展览中心。

Eligible Applicants

Digital humanities takes a transects of human history using new medium of investigation. Our cities thrives on multiplicity of meanings, the anxiety caused by over abundance of information makes us loose our sense of meaning. Art can be a guidance, a gps to sense-making and meaning making. Taking a long view, our legacies, for good or for worse will leave psychological and physical impact to future humanity.

Making sense is important for making decision today and for long term future. The sense of history is often daunting and uncompromising, so how can art and digital humanities offer us tool of higher malleability to produce meaning from evidence? Long term thinking at the dawn of this new decade starting 2020 is ever more relevant, in a world where art is becoming more and more short-lived, overly commercialising as some would argue, and criticise. Is there a long view to art making over the canvas of our digital humanity?

2020 will forever go in history as the once in a century pandemic. Everything we wish wouldn’t happen, happened. 2020 made us rethink everything, our economy, our priorities, our relationships, our job, our work, our studies. 2020 climate change, melting Antartica and cries of biocide have been drowned out by the web chatter of quarantine and rising infection. How will we remember 2020?

Now as all kinds of industry deepens their dependence on online platforms as well as the digital technology, we would like to invite artist to explore and examine all these ideas through participation, to share your voices through your work. Together, we will form a diverse conversation with many intellectual perspectives.

Application Process

PLAN8T will invite 10 artists for this online artist-in-residence program, each artist will join for a week and the duration for this program is 10 weeks altogether,
starting from late March until the beginning of June.

Each week we will post one artist’s works on PLAN8T WeChat public account and PLAN8T residency website as a stage report of this program. In the end of this online residency program, PLAN8T will launch an online group exhibition and the outcome will be promoted through online media and, a Chinese professional portal website for art. Artists will receive a digital exhibition catalogue of this exhibition once the residency is over. There will be a possibility for an offline exhibition when the condition permitted (will notified before)

Two deadline: April 17th & May 15th , 2020


We expect artists to

Select 4 to 8 pieces of work of their own, and write a statement regarding these works

Complete Challenge Paper (information below)

Keep record of your thoughts, inspiration and/or work progress for sharing (This can be abstract like quote, note, photo, scribble or doodle…)

Stay communicative once participated

Challenge Paper

This residency proposes common medium, as common as a piece of A4 paper, a lasting legacy medium, can we rethink of it as a new medium for digital humanities. Digital humanity transforms the research contents of humanities into the symbols that can be calculated and analysed. While we are used to the existence of A4 paper (or any kind of preferred standard size paper in different cultural background), “A4” also becomes a symbol.

As the most common and mundane physical carrier for the output of digital content, this symbol reflects the fact that we are accustomed to the lifestyle we are living right now under the digital age context. It serves the digital age and builds a bridge between the physical world and the digital world.

In this artist-in-residence program, which is entirely online, we hope this challenge, named after and based on such a basic material, will present the audience and the artists with different answers and expressions to a proposition.

We do not frame the ways of using “A4”, it could be the canvas for artists to drop on thoughts and create work, a flat medium waiting to be transformed into a three-dimensional piece, or an origin to launch a conceptual work, as long as what you deliver involves “A4”.

(A4 size paper can be replaced by letter size or any other most commonly used size paper if artists choose to involve actual papers.)


Broad Group, where the P8 residency is located, covers one square kilometer and provides solutions for district energy adoption, a leader in combine heating and cooling using absorption chilling process, more importantly challenging the construction industry through modularity, delivering air quality technologies, in its groundbreaking stainless-steel honeycomb BCORE materials for housing, transportation, wind power and oceaneering.


Program Fees


Additional Information

· 按要求提交相关资料及一份项目方案,驻留项目结束后,提交一份总结报告,P8将根据具体情况与驻场者合作,组织举办展览、讲座或编撰出版物等。
· 创作形式不限,成果需为可实体展览及保存的艺术作品,建筑师作品应有完整设计图纸,电子档案及作品模型。
· 艺术家驻留期间作品归P8所有,P8可选择性保留驻留艺术家作品展示权。
Responsibility of Recipients
· Submit documents and residency proposal as requested and achieve the project you mentioned in your proposal when the residency ends.
· We accept all forms of art/architecture work, the outcome of your project needs to be able to exhibit and collect, architects are required to submit the Architectural drawing, model and its digital file
· During the residency: Communicate and coordinate with P8 team; attend the events and exhibitions organized by P8 for this residency.
· Put in a report to summarise your residency experience.