OPEN&FUNArt Village is currently an art space and artist studio which used to be a pig shed.

Eligible Applicants

Targeted participants:Young artists and Art college students.
Nationality:No limitation of nationality and ethnicity.
Recruitment number:8-12

[Theme ]
2016 Artist Residency Program Of Design Harvests Project holds a theme of “Flow/Flux”(“流/变”).Through the creation process and the art work we hope that the polysemy of the words“flow” and “flux” can be reflected and revealed, and the following topics can be discussed:
Everyday Changing (日常的变迁)
Boundary and Transboundary (边界与跨界)
Divergence and Convergence (分流与合流)
Mobility and Movement (流动与行动)
Continuity and Discontinuity(连续与断续)
Social Currents and Individual Fate (潮流与命运)

[ Workrequirements ]
It is compulsory for the selected artists and students to complete the works during the residency period.
Young artists: no limitation for the works in the residency program, at least complete and provide a local public art work for free, also need to provide asmall work ranges from 15cm to 1 cubic meters in the exhibition (artists own the copyright of works), this work can be sold at the exhibition at the residency area and end of the year, income of sale will be distributed to artists and organizers according to the international practice.
Art students in the college: no limitation for the works in the residency program,at least complete and provide a local public art workfor free, also need to provide a small work ranges from 15cm to 1 cubic metersin the exhibition (students own the copyright of works).
Participate in at least one public art event organized by the"Design Harvests xOPEN&FUN Art Village" during the stay.
Provide works of art created during the stay to participate in the "Design Harvestx Art Village” Artist Residency Program annual touring exhibition (works copyright still belongs to the creators)

Application Process

Open & Fun is also an art work by artist FU Jikang(KANG), it’s also a question about the pig shed’s characteristics which are developed by humans:imprisonment, limit, time elapse and so on, and a subversively transformation to make it a specific field for free dialogue with nature at any time.
It completely subvert the people's awareness of art exhibition field; completely recycle the use of raw materials for recreation under the preservation of the original structure of the pig shed. With the completed transformation, the artspace is currently surrounded by nature, open field of vision, strange steel pipe construction, open communication space, unrestrained art and interesting accommodation.
The seamless combination of art and nature, allows artists to return to the field,nature, outdoor; the brand new fun of experience, defines its unique and harmonious existence, which exists for the artists, outdoor behavioral art lovers and art youth who pursue the unlimitation.
[Application ]
We invite those who acknowledge this year’s theme to apply to participate in theresidency program by sending the following materials to, If the attachment is too large, it can be attached to the Internet download links in your email.
◇A residency artistic proposal which includes:
The form(s) of your artwork; your aim(s) of this project and a general time line for the project; your preparation for the project; why it is important or necessary for you to do this project in Xianqiao Village and Chongming Island.
You may also define your target community or communities of this project, and explain what will your project bring to your target community or communities, as well as whether (and how)will you document your entire creation process with other methods.
◇Yourlatest CV/resume,which includes:
Your basic personal information, education, individual exhibition and group exhibition experience,art experience, awards, publications, and reportage of you.
◇Portfolio(not exceeding10MB)
◇Personal statement(optional).
The first round application deadline is 31 March 2017.We will not accept the submission of incomplete application materials. All the application materials will not be returned.
For any enquiries, please contact


[ Support ]
We provide those artists who are selected to the program with:
1.Aliving accommodation a workspace in OPEN&FUN Art Village for creation for free.
2.Round-triptransportation costs from Shanghai airport to OPEN&FUN Art Village and boarding subsidy during the periodof residency.
3.Material allowance based on your residency artistic proposal.
4.Communication between artists of different countries.
5.Arrangement tovisit at least one art park and one art gallery in Shanghai.
6.Participation in the experience of local living, and the Communication with dilettante.
7.Implementing of art workshop visiting day and participation in public artcreation.
8.Organizationof small personal exhibitions in OPEN&FUNArt Village to exchange ideas and experiences with visitors.
9.Participationin the annual Artist Residency Program exhibition, which locate at OPEN&FUNArt Village in Chongming, College of design and Innovation of Tongji Universityin Shanghai city and 789 Chicken Farm in Taiwan.

Program Fees

[Practice in the village ]
In the process of creation and living in Xianqiao Village, you will interact with the local environment and the villagers;
In the course of the exhibition and discussion in Shanghai, you will interact with the local environment and the citizen.
The use ofthe artistic form of interaction between urban and rural areas, narrowingthe distance between people and people, people and art, people and theresident, to complete the core value of the art symbiosis, to create a more profound cultural impact.
In the process of creation, you will interact with the environment and local villagers. After the completion of the work, the exhibition and symposium will be held based on different art works, your art works will help to provide direction forlocal and art creators, learn experience and kinetic energy, and enhanceinternational visibility.
DesignHarvests and OPEN & FUN Art Village and College of Design and Innovation,TongjiUniversity and 789 Chicken Farm cooperate to provide exhibition field for Artist Residency Program in city and country. During the exhibition, the cluster thinking formed by novel creativities and residency experience wil communicate and co-construct in this open field for self expression and inhence cause the chemical effect.
OPEN&FUN Art Village art space will be displayed the art works and institutions onceand underway, held in the form of carnival every year to attract the world'sart lovers, narrow the gap between the creators and participants,promote theparticipation directly or indirectly into in the process of thislarge-scale creation plan.

Additional Information

2017 Artist Residency Program of DesignHarvests and OPEN&FUN Art Village
DesignHarvests united with OPEN&FUN Art Village in 2017, acquire the support of Shanghai International Culture Association and College of Design andInnovation, Tongji University, the process and final works of Artist Residency Program in this year will be more marvelous, more wonderful to look forward to.