Little Poems Community was founded in September 2016 as a response to the overwhelming nature of today’s society. Our goal is to provide a quiet and natural retreat space in a traditional Chinese village setting. We seek to separate ourselves from the traditional artist residency mentality. Unlike most residency formats, we have no requirement for artists to produce work during their stay. We believe rather in giving creatives the opportunity to slow down, recharge, and incubate on new ideas. While staying Little Poems, artists can create as much or as little work as they choose.

We are located in a remote traditional village near Beijing’s largest wet land park. This provides beautiful landscapes and a relaxing environment to sit on the grass to write, paint next to the lotus flower lake, write music among the big wild birds, take photos in the forest, or even give a performance on a boat on the lake. This also gives the opportunity to interact with the local people and gain a new cultural understanding. Our place allows you to enjoy a starry night while creating a memorable and authentic stay in a real side of China. 

Eligible Applicants

We believe that all artists are equal and support creative work in all mediums. Accepting all writers, ceramicists, painters, fashion designers, visual designers, sculptors, musicians, multi-media artists, filmmakers, photographers, culinary artists, yoga practitioners, and other creatives. Artists who are focused, polite, and disciplined are welcome at Little Poems.

Application Process

Accepted artists are invited to apply for periods of a week to three months. Our application asks that you give a brief description of the work you wish to pursue while at our community. We want to ensure that we have the correct facilities, and sources for you to do your work. Please see the Apply section of the website for additional information.


Our space is composed of 9 live / work studios in a 2-storey building built around a central courtyard. You will be given accommodation in a single room with a double bed. You will also have access to the communal kitchen, living and dining areas, a Chinese tea room, bar area, a Korean tatami sujo room, a yoga/meditation room, ceramics with electric and raku kilns, WIFI, and a communal bathroom (with 3 showers and 3 WC). Please see the Studios section of our website for images and additional information.

Program Fees

Accepted artists are invited to rent one of nine available studios ranging in size from 14 meters squared to 30 meters square. Please see the Studios and Facilities section of the website for more images and information. For pricing information, please contact us directly.

Additional Information

Little Poems Community is a 45 minute car ride away from Beijing's city center. LPC’s founder Mario Duyuchen lives and works with visiting artists. Our spaces are shared among any artists and LPC volunteers staying at our community. Thus, all are expected to help keep things clean and organized. We hope to cultivate and promote a polite, thoughtful, and encouraging creative environment.