The city border in flux, where seats Guangdong Times Museum, sees the shaping of the archetypal suburban landscape of the Pearl River Delta enabled by hybrid forms of urbanization and complex demographics. Diverse communities coalesce in this land of variegated attributes: native rural populations, the new middle-class drawn by real estate development, and migrant workers gathering around small manufacturing concerns, all growing in symbiosis—such is the surrounding and context of the museum.

In the new round of urban planning, the Huangbian community that houses the museum is under renovation to be the Design Capital of Guangzhou, one of the largest industrial clusters of design in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Undergoing a process of swift gentrification, how would the museum and art witness, engage in and respond to such a zealous social transformation?

Banyan Commune is a unique phenomenon of community life and civil culture in southern China, a gathering place traditionally served as a community center for the neighborhood. The Banyan Commune is a community art project initiated in 2016, which space has witnessed the seasonal changes, day-and-night alternate of the surrounding neighborhood while serving as the window for connecting the museum to public.




Eligible Applicants

The Banyan Commune welcomes proposals by local and international artists and collectives for bi-annual, month-long residencies. Proposed projects should be visual, participatory, and public engaging in nature, including installation, video, sounds, performance,and events among others.


Application Process

Application Requirements
- Project proposal, including the statement, working schedule, presentation plan, and a detailed plan of project realization
- Applicant’s portfolio
- Description of assistance needed for realizing the project

To Apply
Please combine all your application files into a single PDF file and e-mail to (If there is a video component in your files, please include it as a web link instead.)

Application Deadline
June 30, 2018

- 作品概念陈述,实施计划及展示方案;
- 个人作品集;
- 项目实施所需要的协助。


- 请将申请资料整合成一个单独的PDF文件(如包含视频作品请附网络链接),发至;
- 申请截止日期:2018年6月30日

Reviewing Process
The proposed projects will undergo two rounds of reviewing committee evaluation. Committee is composed of the curatorial and public programmes departments of Times Museum. The first round will be within one month after the deadline for application. Five proposals will be selected for the second round of review. Selected artists will then need to provide further plan within 15 days. Two proposals will be selected for the residency each year. The finalists will be published on the museum’s website and other media. All applicants will receive email notification regardless of whether they are selected.




The artist will act as a host of this temporary public space, using the Huangbian neighbourhood as research subject to foster continuous dialogue, understanding,and communication about the actual context of the museum. Reflecting on the role of the contemporary art museum in a residential community while constructing organic relations between the institution and the surrounding place, Banyan Commune intends to generate a trace for the ever-changing region of South China in the process of urbanization.


Program Fees

Selected artist or artist collective will be provided with:
- Accommodation and workspace with basic living facilities
- Round-trip economy-class flight or train tickets to Guangzhou
- Living expenses during the residency
- Production budget of up to 50,000 RMB (appox. 7500 USD)
- Assistance with applying for extra grants or sponsorships
- Project assistant, support for academic research and translation, etc.

- 驻地住宿及工作空间,包含满足基本生活需求的设备;
- 往返广州的机票(经济舱)/火车票;
- 驻地期间生活补贴;
- 不超过5万元人民币的作品制作费用;
- 协助额外基金或者赞助的申请;
- 项目助理,学术研究及翻译等支持。

Additional Information

Please note
- Before submitting your application, it’s suggested that the artist do local research on the city of Guangzhou and the context of the surrounding community of Times Museum.
- The Banyan Commune project focuses on locality, and we encourage the participating artists to collaborate with various local institutions, researchers and other artists into the proposal.

- 提交申请前,建议深入了解广州以及时代美术馆所处的社区语境;
- 方案中请详述作品实施的过程,驻地工作计划以及展览的呈现方式;
- 项目强调在地性,我们鼓励申请艺术家与本地不同类型的机构、研究者和其他艺术家合作,并纳入方案中。