Arc Cooperation Residency Project = Arc + VacuumGallery + dreamCo-.

Arc Cooperation Residency Project welcomes curators, scholars, artists, and young researchers from China and all over the world. Arc Cooperation Residency Project is going to provide the chance and space for all experiments and research. Based on understanding of contemporary artists and researchers, Arc Cooperation Residency Project, as a controller and material collector, reconstructs incidents and plots and reorganizes sentences. It encourages efficient dialogues on core topics about contemporary culture.

Arc Cooperation Residency Project aims to provide opportunities for artists and non-artists and carrying out study, research, and art experiments in Beijing. Arc Cooperation Residency Project acts as a USB drive allied with Vacuum Space and dreamCo-, it provides knowledge about local youth community and frontier academic achievements for project members. Arc Cooperation Residency Project will invite researchers from different fields for a short visit, and organize various cultural activities in a nomadic way.

「About Vacuum Gallery」
Vacuum Gallery, founded in late 2015, is located in an overlapped area of 798 ArtDist, Caochangdi Art District and Heiqiao Art Village. It is committed to explore new form of Art from the outside of academies in the depressive environment of contemporary art. With limited space, Vacuum tries to express various possibilities while strengthening the connection and art communication with local neighborhood.

「About dreamCo-.」
dreamCo-. is a conceptual space with versatile functions mainly for artists’ books and stuff sharing , exhibitions and salons. In its 2nd story, the workshop is used for international art-residency project. Initiated by Ms. Zhou Yue and co-founded by Ms. Yuan Yuan and Ms. Yang Ziyi, dreamCo-. is a independent branch of DREAMER FTY in Beijing.

Eligible Applicants

Applicant Requirements:

Arc Cooperation Residency Project welcomes anyone who has thoughts or research in a certain field, and is interested in participating in cultural events in a nomadic way.


PRC citizen
Artists from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan
Foreign artists (Visa expenses by artists) 
Project Criteria
Your projects might be seminar, short-term experimental art project, screening, dialogue, unplugged show, market, tasting event, park tour, football watching…Form of project is not limited.

Please explain why you want to hold the project in your project plan.

Artists who live outside of Beijing are welcome to apply for residency in dreamCo-. Please note accordingly on your project plan.

Application Process

Candidate should submit required documents and apply for the program 2~6 months in advance.

The artist-in-residency will be chosen by discussion among all partners.

Please send your application including project plan and resume


Targeting a wide range of community like artists, researchers and blue-collar workers in an uncertain world, Arc aims to make a solid progress in a certain place and circumstance and within a specific group through research, dialogue, discussion and exhibition. Taking flexibility, proportionality, effectiveness and low-key as standard, Arc will target meaningful words with appropriate actions.

From 2015 to 2016, being considered as the only physical art space and alternative space on university campus in Beijing, Arc Space provide an open dialogue platform for aggressive artists, curators, college students and the common people who have interests and passion about art by means of setting up art project, opening workshop and organizing salons.

Program Fees

Arc Cooperation Residency Project Will Cover…
Work space for artists
Events organization and promotion
Exhibition or open studio

Artists Will Cover…
Flight tickets
Medical expense
Personal expense
If you live in dreamCo-, they will give you a good price.

Additional Information

[About Arc]

Arc Space is not an “isolated” space, it takes place on a real university campus in Beijing, but it is at the same time surreal. The idea of Arc Space was initiated in the summer of 2014. In May 2015, it was finally open in a rental house. It is located in the Haidian District of Beijing, purposely far away from art schools, art districts, Hutong communities and suburbs that gradually prevail in recent years to fill the void of alternative art space of this academic district.Arc Space represents a new model of art space, and it sticks to the cutting-edge of art theories and ideas at all times and pays attention to the continuous, deep artistic practice from all ages of artists. As a lab for experimental art, Arc Space provides space for artists to carry out research and experiments, and inspires the local through inviting themselves to participate. As a platform for communication, Arc Space endeavors to actively separate people from the monotonous and tedious theoretical derivation by conducting artistic experiments and renewing the foundation of communication. Arc Space never limits its view in the field of “art”. By setting up connections among various subjects and disciplines, Arc Space will try to achieve the backwash of“dissimilation” produced by society. As Beijing’s alternative art studio, domestic and overseas residency research lab and home of artists, Arc Space provides communication opportunities for art and community, which makes itself a successful lab for experimental art hiding in an old residence.

In the end of 2016, Arc Space closed. However, in the coming year of 2017, based on the principle of flexible research and project, Arc will jointly work with Vacuum Space and dreamCo-. and launch a new round of residency project.